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Reflections……. to Transformation…..


A year ago… I was lost. I wanted something different. I was bored… and looking for a new job. I felt like, there is so much more in life! Well, I applied for a job and got it. Welcome to Manager Hell! I should have known, during the final interview. The one about; “Hey, there are a few problems; we need you to clean up.” We have different personalities in the agency. That should have sent me running. Nope, not me, I’ll just take on that challenge.


Fast forward, or should I say, slow forward… issue after issue. No support from upper management… got my butt kicked at every angle. Still, I kept plugging along.. doing the right thing.  In August, I thought, hmmm… why not sign up for another Life Coaching course.. to hone in on my skills… Stressed ALL the  TIME!! My intake of alcohol increased, my self-care decreased. I worried constantly.. (are you getting the picture?) Stomach hurt… anxiety….. constant worry… FINALLY, after a year of no break.. I went on vacation with my hubs!!


Vacation? It was, but I never relaxed! Not 100% like normally do.  Get back.. at least I am tan. Get fired from  my job! What for you ask??? Well at the time, I am told.. “you don’t fit our culture.”  Later, while appealing unemployment, I find out, apparently, I screamed at an employee and told her to F off? Just for the record, the only screaming was her AND she told me to F off. To which I replied, have a nice day!!  Hmmm…. So here I was… fired… 3 days after returning from vacation and 3 days before my 46th birthday!! What does one do?


Well, the first 24 hours?.... I cried and was upset!! After that, I decided its time to get my butt in gear and move forward!!! How does one fight  a lie? I worked on my Life Coaching. I decided my health is of the utmost importance!! I now have 4 baby chicks… (The Golden girls)! I am growing vegetables in a greenhouse and in the house! I am selling makeup with minimal chemicals in it!! PLUS, I am dabbling in Juice Plus.


To tell the truth, my hubby is worried, he might need to have an intervention with a razor blade! HA!! Well…. Everyone knows, all Alaska girls don’t’ shave their legs until spring!


What am I trying to say??? Change, though hard is good! Yes, I  was bored and jumped into something more challenging! Was I good at it? Yes, I was a good manager for the people I worked with! Did I behave like management? No, and thank goodness!!


I believe out of all bad comes good!! Our hearts mend from the hurt! Our souls heal from the punch! We move forward because we are resilient like that! I believe in Karma! I also believe the Universe takes care of us!  The Universe just kicked me in the butt to follow my dreams of being healthy and guiding others who want to be healthy!!  You can take change, good or bad and make it into your positive future.  Let me show you how….


Peace & Love




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